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HDIS 50 Basic

HDIS 50 Basic

Basic and Simple Infusion Bedside Workstation

Infusion Management System HDIS50 Basic is international leading modular designed infusion management solution. It includes infusion module i7, s7 composition, multi-channel infusion Dock cabin, centralized power supply and necessary fixing setting for space-saving and flexible combination.

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Bedside Space Management Expert

HDIS 50 Basic

Centralized Charging

With user-friendly compact design, the problem of insufficient power outlets and cluttered space with messy lines solved;

Support up to 9 pumps in one column without any dedicated tools.

HDIS 50 Basic

Easy to Insert and Pull-out

● Install auxiliary tray slot in each slot of Dock cabin;

● Achieve blind mating with automatic alignment of the rail and pump push with a ‘tick’ sound; 

● Support instant plug in and plug out

Interchange between Dock

It can be combined or split quickly anywhere between cap handle and

Dock cabin or between the two Dock cabins without any dedicated tools.


● Centralized power supply

● Blind-mating and hot plug

● Freely combination of infusion pump and syringe pump

HDIS 50 Basic

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          HDIS 50 Basic

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