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HDIS50 Plus

HDIS50 Plus

Smart Bedside Infusion Management Workstation

Infusion Management System HDIS50 Plus is international leading modular designed infusion management solution. It includes infusion module i7, s7 composition, multi-channel infusion Dock cabin, centralized power supply and necessary fixing setting for space-saving and flexible combination.

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HDIS50 Plus

Three Components

HDIS50 Plus

Infusion Module

- Adopt all-in-one modular design with simple touch-screen control;

- Abundant infusion modes; Hot plug-in supporting.

HDIS50 Plus

Intelligent Bedside Workstation

- Advanced Dock design; Centralized power supply;

- Easy to insert and pull-out pumps;

- Automatically collect infusion data; Error alarm caution and management

HDIS50 Plus

Central Workstation

- Remote monitor each pump status simultaneously;

- Possess HL7 interface protocol to achieve seamless connection of HIS/CIS.

HDIS50 Plus

Remote monitoring system

- Real ward bed drawing helps to fast locate the patient and deal with alarms;

- Real-time infusion status monitoring;

- Real-time access to intravenous medication parameters like, name, rate, dose and online pressure.

HDIS50 Plus

Infusion management

Dynamically record infusion history to check the infusion procedure and control drug risk; Program drug library and can simultaneously update drug library of bedside workstation and infusion module through one-key operation.

HDIS50 Plus

Touch screen operation

Both workstation and pump support touch screen operation, and the commonly used functions are directly connected by one button.

Alarm Management

The workstation monitors the status of each pump, and the screen on the top displays the alarm information such as occlusion alarm and bubble alarm.

Relay infusion

Automatically seamless relay infusion to prevent fluctuations of drug concentration in blood during infusion change.

Compact and Flexible Combination in Limited Space

HDIS50 Plus

Centralized Charging

With one-stop power supply design, the problem of insufficient power outlets and cluttered space with messy lines solved; Support up to 9 pumps in one column and expand another sub-column.

HDIS50 Plus

Flexible Expansion

Fast assembly or split without any dedicated tools between cap handle and Dock cabin or between the two Dock cabins.

Rational Allocation of Resources

Free combination of infusion pumps and syringe pumps to meet the needs of clinical treatment at any time.

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HDIS50 Plus