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HealFusion HDIS50 PRO

HealFusion HDIS50 PRO

Intelligent Central Infusion Management System

The infusion information acquisition system HDIS50 Pro is an intelligent bedside infusion workstation. It adopts the international cutting-edge "module + DOCK" design concept. The infusion modules ip-3, sp-3 and DOCK flexibly form a multi-channel infusion management workstation. It perfectly solves the common problems in ICU, such as cluttered bedside space, crowded power ports, alarm delays, lack of treatment information, etc.

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HealFusion HDIS50 PRO

HealFusion HDIS50 PRO

ICU need an intelligent, efficient and safe digital infusion workstation, which can realize ....

Time saving: simplify operation steps

Compact space: centralized charging

Data collection and analysis: auto-collect information

Continuity data: data in the module will not miss

Drug library: detect and intercept wrong operation

Remote monitor: monitor infusion status at a place

Nurse shift record: paperless shift recording

Connection to CIS and HIS: unified information management

HealFusion HDIS50 PRO


One-stop power supply: Solve the problem of excessive number of ICU bedside pumps and messy wires.

Space saving: A single row supports up to 9 pumps, a sub-row can be expanded, and a bed supports up to 18 pumps.

Moderate height

● With pipeline arrangement device drop sensor dedicated storage space on the DOCK cabin

HealFusion HDIS50 PRO


● Support the hot plug of the pump, plug and play

● Install auxiliary tray slot in each slot of Dock cabin to achieve blind mating with automatic alignment of the rail and pump pushing with a ‘tick’sound.

● Combined quickly and freely

● Support the connection with the central workstation to realize real-time remote monitoring

HealFusion HDIS50 PRO

Liquid balance management: highly effective manager for fluid management of severe patient

● For critically ill patients in ICU, liquid balance is directly related to the prognosis of the patient;

● Automatically collect infusion data and provide efficient input and output data input tools. Medical staff can avoid heavy recording and statistical work, allowing doctors to focus on clinical decision-making

HealFusion HDIS50 PRO

Nurse shift records to help nurses reduce heavy paperwork

● Automatically collect and count the infusion time and dosage of various drugs;

● Statistics of liquid in and out status according to individual items;

● The above information can be integrated to automatically generate nurse handover records in terms of fluid intake and output;

HealFusion HDIS50 PRO

Remote monitoring and management, dual-screen display, more intuitive and safer

● Real-time display of infusion data of patients in each bed, such as drug name, infusion rate, infusion status, remaining time, pressure, etc.;

● Display specific alarm information of each infusion pump for each bed.

HealFusion HDIS50 PRO

Support access to the HIS/CIS system in the hospital

● Realize prescription push, use the barcode scanner to transmit the integrated infusion information of the central workstation to the bedside station

● Synchronize patient information and doctor's order information to realize infusion management information.

HealFusion HDIS50 PRO

Drug library management and Logging

l  can view the infusion treatment process records of the current patient/discharged patient.

l  Infusion records, operation records, alarm records and other infusion treatment processes, classified review, support printing.


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