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Digital Radiography System

HDR-S320/E300 UC Arm<br/>Digital Radiography System

HDR-S320/E300 UC Arm
Digital Radiography System

HDR-S320 and HDR-E300 are brand-new DR system launched by HEDY Medical. With the unique design and automatic function, the system will fulfill all your clinical usage than your imgination.

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Compact Design · Multiple Functions · Convenient Operation · High Quality Image

HDR-S320/HDR-E300<br/>Digital Radiography SystemHDR-S320/HDR-E300<br/>Digital Radiography System

Convenient Operation

  • Advanced button craft and anti-collision design guarantee convenient operation and safety.

  • One-key positioning makes the system move and position automatically.

  • Exclusive SID guide rail greatly improves stability and safety of the system.

  • Large LCD screen shows patient's information and film clearly.

High Quality Image

Brand-new Image Processing Technology

With the latest IMSCOPE image processing technology, HDR-S320/HDR-E300 will bring you high quality and productivity experience.

HDR-S320/HDR-E300<br/>Digital Radiography SystemHDR-S320/HDR-E300<br/>Digital Radiography SystemHDR-S320/HDR-E300<br/>Digital Radiography SystemHDR-S320/HDR-E300<br/>Digital Radiography System

  • Possess detail enhancement, dynamic range compression, noise suppression, and contrast enhancement.

  • Load matching algorithms and parameters automatically for different tissues and different organ systems.

  • High resolution image and low exposure dose.

DICOM Compatible

The system fully supports the DICOM protocol with RIS/HIS/PACS. Achieve seamless connectiveity and fast image storage, browsing, querying and etc.

HDR-S320/HDR-E300Digital Radiography System

HEDY  Workstation Software

HDR-S320/HDR-E300<br/>Digital Radiography System


                           Information Inputting


                           Image Collecting


                           Image Processing


                           Image Managing 


Customer Example

HDR-S320/HDR-E300Digital Radiography System

Introduction and Guidance to HEDY UC Arm DR