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Portable DR

Portable DR

Light weight DR makes your radiography place easier

XFL-600 is a portable and mobile DR, which can meet various clinic demands, including conventional X-ray examinations of human head, chest, abdomen, spine, limbs and various parts of animal.

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Portable DRPortable DR

Portable DR

l  Light & Handy Frame, Up to 2 meters-SID

l  Simple control board

l  Cooperated with Mobile Rack

l  Large Capacity Battery

l  Large size rubber edging design, shock and drop resistance

l  Balanced center of gravity, stable shooting at any angle

Portable DR

l  Remote Control

l  Wireless Transmission

l  Preset 9 groups of APR parameters with button

l  Fast switching 2-point photography mode and 3-point photography mode

l  Support 200 exposures under full power

Portable DR


    l  Flexible Imaging Chain

    l  High voltage generator with high inverter frequency

    l  Double focus, large heat capacity tube

    l  Configure three wireless flat panel detectors

l  Multifunctional Acquisition System

l  Quickly preview images and on-site diagnosis

Portable DR

Multiple Clinical Applications

With smart, portable and lightweight frame, it can be applied to varieties of environments. For example, orthopedic diagnosis room, little clinic, research institutes, disaster zone, field medical station, medical vehicle, marine medical and animal medical center.

Portable DRPortable DRPortable DR

Portable DR


Customer Example

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Introduction and Guidance to HEDY Portable DR