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Vehicle mounted DR

Vehicle mounted DR

Vehicle-Mounted DR is a high-quality product designed by HEDY for mobile medical vehicles.

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Vehicle mounted DR

Ingenious Design

l  Integrally formed frame is light and strong, designed for mobile medical vehicles;

l  All racks use embedded rail, compact, generous and safe;

l  Equipped with shock absorber in case of bumpy route;

l  Configured high-fidelity intercom system

Advanced Imaging Chain

l  Excellent A-Si FPD with high quantum conversion rate and high resolution;

l  Large-capacity high-speed rotating anode tube for continuous full-load operation;

l  High-frequency and high-voltage generator with high energy output.


Vehicle mounted DR

Excellent Software System

l  Support professional medical vertical screen, and can produce image report immediately

l  Multiple layout modes, and several images can be printed on one film

l  Follow DICOM3.0, support pre-recording, connecting HIS/PACS

l  With pneumoconiosis chest photography setting mode

l  Integrated intelligent image acquisition and processing workstation

Vehicle mounted DR


                           Information Inputting


                           Image Collecting


                           Image Processing


                           Image Managing