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Infusion Pump IP-3

Infusion Pump IP-3

The HealFusion infusion pump IP-3 is suitable for ICU, operating room, pediatrics department and etc. It can control the infusion process continuously and accurately to ensure that the drug maintain effective blood concentration in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

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● High-step motor satisfies the Infusion needs.

● Mechanical accuracy: +/-0.5%; infusion accuracy: +/-5%

● Flow compensation: avoid the error caused by pipeline collapse

Infusion Pump IP-3Infusion Pump IP-3

Infusion Pump IP-3


● Adjustable occlusion pressure alarm threshold value is 11 -levels: 10-135kPa / 75-1012 mmHg adjustable.

Online Pressure Supervision (DPS): with real-time detecting and information displayed piping online pressure during injection.

● Occlusion Pressure Release (Anti-Bolus)

Double Bubble Detection: detect single bubble and cumulated bubble. 25ul, 100ul, 250ul. 300ul/15min, 500ul/15min

Manual /Auto bolus

PBT shell: Resistant to chemicals and disinfectants, safer and more durable.

Waterproof: IPX3

Alarm: High, Medium and Low sound and light alarm

Dual CPU

Easy to operation

Infusion Pump IP-3

Infusion Pump IP-3

Simple and Convenient

● 3.5-inch color touch screen

● Two inputting system: touchscreen + keypad.

● On-line titration

● Day and night mode

● Small size, light weight, modular design.

● Can be stacked on each other freely to form a DOCK with 3-9 pumps

Infusion Pump IP-3


Drug Library: More than 2000 drugs.

Event log: more than 2000 case. classified by operation records, alarm records, and infusion records, with time tags

Advanced mode for Infusion: Rate mode, Dosage mode, Preset time mode (V-T), Time mode (R-T). Drop mode, Relay mode, Trapezia mode, Intermittent mode, Loading Dose mode, Sequence mode.

Infusion Pump IP-3


Work with DOCK station for central power supply and better ward space management. 

Form a central infusion workstation with intelligent functions to release doctor and nurse' s burden

Auto liquid balance calculation, central monitoring, central alarm management and nurse shift.


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      Infusion Pump IP-3   Infusion Pump IP-3