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Syringe Pump SP-3

Syringe Pump SP-3

The HealFusion syringe pump SP-3 is suitable for ICU, operating room, pediatrics department and etc. It adopts high-precision stepper motor and precision-machined driving system, and uses a 256 sub-division drive scheme to make sure the accuracy, which can reach 0.01ml / h. Applying the "fault tree" analysis method to rationally optimize each operation step to ensure that the infusion pump works stably and safely.

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Syringe Pump SP-3


● High-step motor satisfies the Infusion needs.

● Mechanical accuracy: +/-0.5%; infusion accuracy: +/-2%

Fast start function eliminates error caused by starting delay

Syringe Pump SP-3


● Adjustable occlusion pressure alarm threshold value is 11 -levels: 10-135kPa / 75-1012 mmHg adjustable.

Online Pressure Supervision (DPS): with real-time detecting and information displayed piping online pressure during injection.

Occlusion Pressure Release (Anti-Bolus)

Double Bubble Detection: detect single bubble and cumulated bubble. 25ul, 100ul, 250ul. 300ul/15min, 500ul/15min

Manual /Auto bolus

PBT shell: Resistant to chemicals and disinfectants, safer and more durable.

Waterproof: IPX3

Alarm: High, Medium and Low sound and light alarm

Dual CPU

Easy to operation

● 3.5-inch color touch screen

● Two inputting system: touchscreen + keypad.

● On-line titration

● Day and night mode

● Small size, light weight, modular design.

● Can be stacked on each other freely to form a DOCK with 3-9 pumps

Syringe Pump SP-3

Syringe Pump SP-3

Drug Library: More than 2000 drugs.

Event log: more than 2000 case. classified by operation records, alarm records, and infusion records, with time tags

Advanced mode for Infusion: Rate mode, Dosage mode, Preset time mode (V-T), Time mode (R-T).  Drop mode, Relay mode, Trapezia mode, Intermittent mode, Loading Dose mode, Sequence mode.

Syringe Pump SP-3


Work with DOCK station for central power supply and better ward space management. 

Form a central infusion workstation with intelligent functions to release doctor and nurse' s burden

Auto liquid balance calculation, central monitoring, central alarm management and nurse shift.


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Syringe Pump SP-3