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Infusion Pump i5

Infusion Pump i5

Hedy infusion pump I5 is often used in situations that require strict control of the infusion volume and drug volume, such as in the application of blood pressure drugs, antiarrhythmic drugs, intravenous infusion of infants and young children or intravenous anesthesia. It creates favorable conditions for emergency patients, critically ill patients, special patients, and children to administer drugs, and improves the work efficiency of medical staff.

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Infusion Pump i5

Infusion Pump i5

Infusion Pump i5


● Stackable design, greatly save space and easy to transfer.

● 3.5 inch touch screen and alarm light.

● PBT plastic material for anti-corrosion.

Infusion Pump i5


● On-line titration.(change infusion rate without pause)

● Flow compensation to avoid error caused by pipeline fatigue.

● Anti-bolus function to avoid adverse reaction caused by blood concentration.

● KVO function.

● 5 levels alarm sound adjustable.

● Multiple infusion modes.

● Event log.

● 5 degrees bubble detection alarm.