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Syringe Pump s5

Syringe Pump s5

Syringe pump s5 have been designed to facilitate comprehensive solution for clinical application. Higher accuracy when administering small volume, more flexible dispensing volume, easier to solve bench-top placement, smaller flow rate pulsation. Hedy infusion pump uses PBT, a material with superior corrosion resistance, which is far more stable than ordinary materials PC+ABS, greatly improving the service life and safety of the equipment, let the cleaning and maintenance process more convenient.

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Syringe Pump s5

Syringe Pump s5

Syringe Pump s5


● Stackable design, greatly save space and easy to transfer.

● 3.5 inch touch screen and alarm light.

● PBT plastic material for anti-corrosion.

● The user interface is friendly and simple.


● On-line titration. (change infusion rate without pause)

● Fast start function to avoid drug dose delay.

● Anti-bolus function to avoid adverse reaction caused by blood concentration.

● KVO function.

● 5 levels alarm sound adjustable.

● Multiple infusion modes.

● Event log

Syringe Pump s5Syringe Pump s5

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