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Infusion Pump IP-1

Infusion Pump IP-1

Hedy pet infusion pumps IP-1 is used to provide the most advanced care for thousands of pets every year. Nursing staff no longer had to stand by each animal’ s IV line counting the number of drips per minute; just simply set the pump to the correct rate and were then free to take care of the animals, not the fluid infusion. If the infusion rate is different from the set value, the pump will beep to alert the nursing staff of the problem. The pump frees caregivers from monitoring liquid delivery to perform more important duties.

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Accurate · Safe · Convenient  · Easy to Operate


Stackable design, greatly save space and easy to transfer.

3.5 inch touch screen and alarm light.

PBT plastic material for anti-corrosion.

Infusion Pump IP-1


KVO function.

Event log.

Dual CPU design.

Multiple infusion modes.

5 degrees bubble detection alarm.

On-line titration.

Flow compensation to avoid error caused by pipeline fatigue.

Open system supports user-defined IV set from different brands.

Anti-bolus function to avoid adverse reaction caused by blood concentration.

5 levels alarm sound adjustable to keep a quite environment for animals.

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