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Syringe Pump SP-1

Syringe Pump SP-1

Hedy syringe pump SP-1 is designed to accurately control the infusion for veterinary solution. A syringe loaded with medication is placed in a slot on the pump and a motorized screw turns to push the syringe plunger at a controlled rate to deliver the fluid. Syringe pumps are commonly used for very small patients or for very small volume infusions.

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Accurate · Safe · Convenient  · Easy to Operate


Stackable design, greatly save space and easy to transfer.

3.5 inch touch screen and alarm light.

PBT plastic material for anti-corrosion.

Syringe Pump SP-1


On-line titration.

KVO function.

Multiple infusion modes.

Event log.

Dual CPU design.

Open system supports user-defined IV set from different brands.

Fast start function to avoid drug dose delay.

Anti-bolus function to avoid adverse reaction caused by blood concentration.

5 levels alarm sound adjustable to keep a quite environment for animals.

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