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Veterinary DR

Veterinary DR

Moderate bed height

Delicate rack structure , big size bed, which is suitable for differ- ent kind animal examination, High-tech bed surface is for scra- tch-resistant, low absorbed dose and easy clean technology.

Flexible bed surface control

Moderate bed height design, pedal -type floating bed surface control , convenient operation , maximally meet demand of cli- nic.

Special design for animal radiography

Extensive clinic application scope , meet all kinds of demand of animal radiography requirement.

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More function

♦ Reliable X-ray tube matched with the high power high frequency generator which could be suitable for different size of animal examination , also meet large flow examination demand.

Due to the configuration of energy storage type high voltage generator, so the general power supply is enough to work which greatly reduces the power supply requirement for clinic.


Big size detector, reaching to the world's leading tech level , the features of fast imaging ,high resolu- tion and big size, can be adopted to large dogs sh- ooting ;high quantum conversion rate& high resol- ution design make image more clear and dose lower.

1611208801(1).jpg                                          1611208806(1).jpg                                           1611208811(1).jpg

1611208816(1).jpg                               1611208822(1).jpg                                        1611208828(1).jpg 

1611208838(1).jpg                             1611208854(1).jpg                                       1611208861(1).jpg

♦ Case management

Able to search by the owner's name, age, exam time etc.

♦ Image acquisition

Automatic window adjustment , automatic image cut ,au- tomatic delivery.

♦ Image processing

Image correction ,image rotation , balance organization , sharpening ,image fltering .

♦ Image observation

Window width & position adjustment ,image rotation ,im- age resizing & restoration .

♦ Case report

Automatic uploading pet information ,image -text report printing.

♦ Film printing

Supporting DICOM 3.0 standard laser camera printing.

♦ DICOM transmission

Sending image to any PACS workstation that follow the DICOM3.0 standard.

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